Sunday, April 24, 2011

Five years. That's FIVE YEARS!

Been an eternity since I've shown up around here, and I apologize; school bit me in the ass and won't let go til the 9th of May. FROWNFACE.

But last Thursday was the first time I got a wash/cut/dry in a salon in FIVE whole years. I've been trimming my headshrub myself since I graduated high school. Take no offense, barbers, this is not due to any personal mistrust.

....okay, I lied, it is entirely due to personal mistrust. Having a boycut for nearly half my life has scarred my life....FOREVER. I would walk out of every Bed Bath & Beyond broke having to pay for every single mirror/window/porcelain dish/piece of glassware/stainless steel pan/brick wall/childhood dream I shattered. Never will I have a pixie cut EVER again. You'd have to threaten to rip out my capillaries with your bare hands to make me even reconsider!