Sunday, April 24, 2011

Five years. That's FIVE YEARS!

Been an eternity since I've shown up around here, and I apologize; school bit me in the ass and won't let go til the 9th of May. FROWNFACE.

But last Thursday was the first time I got a wash/cut/dry in a salon in FIVE whole years. I've been trimming my headshrub myself since I graduated high school. Take no offense, barbers, this is not due to any personal mistrust.

....okay, I lied, it is entirely due to personal mistrust. Having a boycut for nearly half my life has scarred my life....FOREVER. I would walk out of every Bed Bath & Beyond broke having to pay for every single mirror/window/porcelain dish/piece of glassware/stainless steel pan/brick wall/childhood dream I shattered. Never will I have a pixie cut EVER again. You'd have to threaten to rip out my capillaries with your bare hands to make me even reconsider!

So there you go: my hair. Truncated. The salon was a high-end Park Avenue joint that usually charges $75 for a cut, but I was given the deal for $35. I asked for a specific hairdresser, José, whom everyone online recommended. He was friendly though not as sociable as people made him seem. Honestly, there isn't much of a difference compared to what I started with. Cut's not amazing but for being nice and listening, I tipped him well and based on the original price.

BUT SERIOUSLY, can this man stop promoting Moroccan Oil?! I get how I have split ends but the bottle of Moroccan Oil he was so persistent in advertising was as much as the haircut itself! Chill, Mr. Valez, CHILL! I'm a college student who purchased this cut through a deal; I'm struggling to pay rent and bills for fresh running water and meals that aren't ramen or lo mein or whatever men; I splurged my life savings to get my ass into this black leather chair for you to give me a decent 'do; I know you probably have good intentions to cure my Mohave Desert locks; I heard you the first time when you recommended Moroccan Oil, damn; repeating it just makes you sound like Gollum from Lord of the Rings (mmmmy Mmmoroccan Oilsssssssssssssss) minus the dissociative identity disorder; I GOT IT! But here's $8. Because you're gay. and sweet. and not a total asshole :D!

Not completely sure if I'll be back though. If anything, it'll probably be only for a bang trim. I've reached my haircut quota for this fiscal year.

Some other updates, hmmmm...... I've been seriously soughting out a graphics tablet to purchase. I think it'll be fun to complement some of my mental images on here with visual aides, which may be good, or bad, case-dependent. And once classes end, I'll be - hopefully - catching up on some long-anticipated behind-the-camera time and will be directing a video with a fellow colleague to enter into a contest. More details shall be provided soon enough!


  1. love the way you write! you're funny :D :D :D :D

  2. ahhh...moroccan oil...experience the soothing bliss of heaven in a comes with a pump?! wtf?!